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Senseeker Products


Oxygen® Products

Dual-Band, Dual-Polarity, 8 µm Pitch, Digital ROICs   read more 

Magnesium® MIL RP0092

Dual-Band, Dual-Polarity, 12 µm Pitch, 1280 x 720 Digital Pixel ROIC   read more 

Calcium™ Products

Dual-Band, Single-Polarity (P/N), 20 µm Pitch, Digital Pixel ROICs   read more 

Neon® Products

P-on-N Polarity, CTIA Input, 10 µm Pitch, Digital ROICs   read more 


Analog Sensor Electronics, Digital Sensor Electronics and Senseeker Electronics Evaluation Kits   read more 

Sensor Test Units

Dewar Cryostats, Closed-Cycle Cryostats and Thermoelectric Units   read more 



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