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It is important to our customers that Readout Integrated Circuits (ROICs) and Focal Plane Arrays (FPAs) can be tested quickly and thoroughly to verify their performance. Senseeker offers a range of electronics solutions that simplify this process and enable customers to get into production faster:


Digital Sensor Electronics

Analog Sensor Electronics

CamIRa® Software



Analog Sensor Electronics Support for Popular Industry ROIC/FPAs

Senseeker Analog Sensor Electronics test equiment is highly configurable and supports a range of ROICs/FPAs from many suppliers.


Teledyne FLIR products that are supported include: ISC0002, ISC0209, ISC0309, ISC0403, ISC0404, ISC0802, ISC0804, ISC1202, ISC1308, ISC1901, ISC1902, ISC9705, ISC9809.



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