Senseeker Expands Capabilities Further to Enable Customer's FPA Excellence

Ross Bannatyne (Director of Business Development) & Greg Pierce (Director of Infrared Systems)




Senseeker's recent acquisition of SE-IR has provoked a lot of interest and excitement within the U.S. infrared imaging community. Both companies have established strong reputations as essential providers of products and services to enable the development and production of focal plane arrays (FPAs). Senseeker has designed some of the world's most advanced digital readout ICs and SE-IR has provided famously robust test Dewars and electronics that have become ubiquitous across the industry. Both of these elements are vital constituents of the infrared imaging system ecosystem.

The road ahead for Senseeker, now incorporating SEIR cryogenic test equipment and electronics, is to double-down on our mission to make it as easy as possible for our customers to develop and produce the highest-performance possible FPAs. We see ourselves as enablers of our customers success and are proud to play our part in the development of so many innovative products.

Senseeker has no aspirations to sell FPAs. We leave that for the experts who bring together the finest in readout ICs, detectors, intricate indium bumping and packaging technologies. Our job is to design either a custom-fit readout IC or supply a COTS digital readout IC from our portfolio, then ensure that our FPA-developer customer gets it up-and-running quickly, optimizing the performance using Senseeker back-end tools. After the readout has been hybridized into an FPA, the Senseeker SEIR line of LN2, Cryo-cooler or Thermo-electric test Dewars will accommodate the FPA effortlessly for cooled testing.

New Senseeker readout products will be co-designed with the cryogenic test equipment from their inception. This will streamline the development cycle and further simplify the development process for our customers. We expect that the tighter coupling between the design of the DROIC, cryogenic test equipment, back-end electronics hardware and software will not only accelerate the availability of more holistic test solutions, but will be a catalyst for advancing the functionality and capability of these systems.

The tighter coupling between the design of the readout ICs and test equipment will benefit developers of FPAs. Advanced DROICs now have many internal registers to fine-tune the imaging performance. Through our familiarity with the nuts and bolts of the readout IC architecture, Senseeker is well placed to precisely tweak these settings to optimize imaging performance of the DROIC/FPA. Back-end electronics and tools are evolving to simplify these fine-tuning steps and achieve optimal imaging performance more quickly.

It is also important to note that the Senseeker SEIR product line will continue to support FPAs that are not based upon a Senseeker readout IC. SEIR products are the cryogenic test solution of choice to many FPA developers who choose to develop their readout IC in-house. Senseeker SEIR products will continue to support all of these FPA developers with our range of battle-hardened test equipment.

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