A New Era Emerges in User-Friendly GUI Wafer Maps

Zach Korth, PhD (Engineering Physicist - Test Group Manager)




At Senseeker, we try hard to differentiate ourselves by being easy to do business with and making things as simple as possible for our customers.

We have recently upped our game by providing a new level of user-friendliness when shipping wafers to our customers. Senseeker now provides an executable GUI that runs on a PC to share detailed die test data for every wafer shipped.

The GUI opens up to an image of the wafer that illustrates the 'grades' of die through color coding. Die grading is used to establish the functionality level of each die on the wafer. A perfect die with no pixel defects is a grade 0. An almost perfect die with only a few pixel defects is deemed to be a grade 1 and so on and so forth. The grade level of every die on the wafer is thus reflected in the color-coding.

Clicking on any individual die on the wafer image will open another screen that provides a dashboard of electrical test characteristics for that particular die. This includes test images of the array, histograms with test limits, measured supply currents and a succinct breakdown of pass/fail conditions based on the test criteria. It is even possible to drill down further by selecting individual pixels in the array.

Our objective was to simplify the observation of actual test data for all of the die on any wafer in a simple, intuitive point and click fashion.

The GUI is implemented as a standalone executable generated from the same Matlab environment used to capture the test data, which allows us to deliver this data directly to the customer in a 'low-touch' manner. For customers who use Matlab, the database can be delivered in the native '.mat' format, giving the user direct access to the broader dataset underlying the GUI.

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