The Swiss Army Knife of DROICs ... Off-the-Shelf!

Ross Bannatyne (Director of Business Development)




The new Oxygen™ RD0092 isn't just remarkable in that it is the world's first 8 µm pitch Dual-Band DROIC. It isn't just remarkable either that it also integrates more advanced operating modes than any other DROIC that has ever been developed. It is remarkable because it is available to any infrared image sensor developer right off-the-shelf.

Pretty much all advanced DROIC products are custom developed and exclusive. That means that not just anyone can get their hands on them - after all, someone has ponied up a lot of money to develop a product that gives them a competitive edge. Senseeker is well aware of this because we have been creating these advanced DROICs for the last 10 years.

With the Oxygen RD0092, we wanted to create a state-of-the-art technology product that is compatible with all industry standard detectors, has a wide range of operating modes that give it the flexibility to work in many infrared imaging applications and make it available immediately, right off-the-shelf at an affordable price.

It's possible to solve lots of infrared imaging problems with the RD0092. There are advanced modes of operation such as High Dynamic Range Dual Integration that runs two integration patterns simultaneously on a checkerboard pattern of pixels. This is perfect for Surveillance and Reconnaissance where scenes can be complex and subtle threats may be at risk of being obscured. Infrared Search and Track applications can be enhanced by the ability of the RD0092 to track multiple objects with unlimited small windows - for example 32 x 32 windows can be read out at over 8000 fps per window. Even infrared astronomy can be improved using the Sample-up-the-Ramp mode that allows multiple readouts during long integration periods without resetting the pixel array. There are also several oversampling methods available to optimize SNR for all applications.

We're excited about the Oxygen RD0092 and the opportunities that it brings to the infrared image sensing community. We believe that the availability of this advanced technology will enable a new generation of high performance infrared products and we are enthusiastic about helping to make that happen.


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